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Entryway Doors

Since 1925, the Masonite name has been known worldwide for its commitment to product innovation, manufacturing excellence and customer service. These qualities and values are as true today as they were more than 80 years ago.

entryway-doorMasonite is constantly expanding its diverse line of interior and exterior doors to meet any design or budget. By combining the long-standing spirit of innovation with customer-focused product development, Masonite continues to be the brand that builders, remodelers and homeowners rely on in their quest to create homes of distinction.

Brands of Masonite’s stature don’t just happen. They come from years of dedication and relentless commitment to improvement. That’s why Masonite has one of the world’s largest private research and development facilities in the door industry. Masonite owns hundreds of international patents, trademarks and applications.

Through a variety of strategic marketing initiatives, the Company is committed to growing the Masonite brand. Masonite believes that a strong brand will bring value to the products used in homes worldwide and increase the business of its customers. It is for these reasons that Masonite stands as one of the greatest brands within the building products industry.