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“Phantom Screens is the Leading Provider of Retractable Screen Solutions”

Your home’s entrance is one of its most distinctive features, so you want a screen that will match its elegance.


The phantom screens mount smartly to the frame of any in-swing or out-swing door in your home. From afar, you can barely see this perfect screen solution.

In the summer, so much time is spent on the patio, it becomes part of your home. That’s why Phantom solved the aesthetic problems posed by unsightly screen doors: a single Phantom Screen is mounted on a center post, so it easily rolls out of the way when you don’t need it.

The classic elegance of double French doors is not compromised by twin Phantom Screens mounted on each side of the frame. When you want the doors open and the screens in use, they’re drawn to the center and held in place by magnets. When they’re not in use, Phantom Screens simply retract, leaving only your French doors — “Magnifique!”


Discover the possibilities with an Executive Screen, the retractable power screen solution.

As the leading provider of retractable screens, Phantom is proud to present a complete new line of screening and shading solutions rolled into one incredibly adaptable product — the Executive Screen. So versatile, it fits most standard and oversized applications. So practical, it can supply full ventilation, shade from the sun, protection from pests, and enhanced privacy all at the convenient touch of a button or, thanks to our new manual retraction system, the simple turning of a crank.

From balconies and lanais to garage doors, porches, picture windows, and beyond — Executive is the retractable screen that has you covered.


The Serene Screen was designed for you…Installing a Serene Window Screen means never diminishing the décor or striking views of your home. From its contoured housing to its ergonomically designed handle, the subtle and sleek Serene is built to ensure smooth operation and superb style. And with our new mesh retention system the Serene screen stays in place, even in breezy conditions.

AIA Phantom is a member of the American Institute of Architects.